A Funny Review about Artificial Hedge Wall for Party Decoration

Recently we get a funny review from Aretha M.McFall, who bought 12 pieces Uland artificial boxwood hedges panels.

‘ My daughter loved the wall so much that she wants to keep it for my granddaughter’s bedroom. ‘ She said.

artificial hedge wall

From the photos she shared, we can see that the artificial hedge wall was used to decorate the background wall for party. She added some colorful ballnoons, letter stickers and artificial flowers to make the wall more fascinating. The back of the artificial boxwood hedges panels are latticed and can be easily cut, so you don’t have to worry that the artificial hedge wall will cover the swith or windows on the wall.

Uland artificial boxwood hedges panels can keep their vivid green for 5 years indoor. If they are well preserved, it is not impossible to keep them for much longer as Aretha’s daughter wish.

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