Amazing results with the “Boxwood Greenery Ivy Privacy Fence Screening”!!

Uland artificial hedge fence panel

I researched many of these types of artificial hedge fence panels before selecting this one – I went mostly with the reviews and the product details. I specifically selected the “A019 Dark Green” / “Boxwood Greenery Ivy Privacy Fence Screening” because it seemed like the fullest and I liked the look of new growth (light green mixed with the dark underside).

It took me and a friend one full day to put the hedge panels up (see final project picture) and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I live on the coast in California and we get some high winds at times so I will definitely update this review once we get some of those winds and let everyone know how it holds up with both the sun and the winds. I feel confident that it will… At this point I would certainly recommend this product.

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