Artificial Boxwood Privacy Hedge Screen UV Protected

Artificial Boxwood Privacy Hedge Screen

This artificial boxwood hedge came yesterday, I put it up today, and ordered another one for the other side. I didn’t want to order two because I wasn’t sure how it would be. Now I wish I had! This is great, you can see through it a bit, but not much – my dogs can’t see the river cats that walk by, and it keeps them calm. Also affords me a bit of privacy.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge UV Protected

2 week update:
I ordered a second set to do the other side of my fence. Very pleased! I am thrilled with this artificial boxwood hedge. In the two weeks I’ve had it, it’s held up against rain, sprinklers, and sun just fine. I’ve also sprayed it down with my yard odor eliminator that I use and it’s not had any staining. The dogs don’t even try to look out through it anymore. They just focus on the door that’s not covered. This is awesome because they don’t see the stray river cats that walk by several times a day. Sometimes the cats sit perched on the fence across the way, and they used to bark at them. Now they can’t see them there. Highly recommended!

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