Trendy Fake Potted Plants for Saudi Arabia in 2021

It’s unrealistic to carry on large-scale greenery planting in Saudi Arabia due to the arid climate conditions. Don’t matter; household fake potted plants have become a new surge based on indoor plant market restraints. Indeed, potent artificial plants can still add touches of green to any setting.

The following are the trendy fake plants pots in 2021:

No.1 Artificial Trees in Pots

According to the U.N. FAO, 0.5% or about 977,000 ha of Saudi Arabia is forested (Source: The vegetation in Saudi Arabia is mostly xerophytic – dwarf shrubs or small herbs, due to the low precipitation. Under such circumstances, the popularity of artificial potted trees in Saudi Arabia has increased in recent years.

artificial potted trees

Fake Potted Areca Palm

Tropical areca palm trees look lush with slender leaves, allowing to create warm, humid, semi-shady environments. Sunwing’s faux palm trees can bear the intense sunlight in Saudi Arabia because of UV treatment.

Artificial Monstera Tree

Made from PE, the monstera in the pot does not need water, sunshine, or trimming. Besides, it does not have to get rid of insects and is friendly to children and pets. The artificial tree spares little time and energy and saves upkeep costs concerning maintenance.

Artificial Traveler’s Palm in Pot

In general, the height of each artificial traveler’s palm has a specified amount of foliage. For example, 6 pieces of leaves are for a height of 80 cm. Sunwing has manufactured different sizes of this tree based on diverse needs.

Fake Onion Grass

Onion grass can be a great choice for residents in the decorative faux plants in pots. The onion grass consists of premium PVC material so that it doesn’t deform and decay all year round.

Let’s put it that way, Sunwing’s fake potted plants not only make accents to homes but also withstand the harsh weather outdoors.

No.2 Small Fake Indoor Potted Plants

To keep pace with the urban greening in Saudi Arabia, everyone can have potted plants indoors. Potted fake plants, which won’t be allergic, are perfect as natural greenery alternatives. Otherwise, you can check out more Indoor Friendly Artificial Plants.

desktop fake potted plants

Red Maple Leaves

This kind of colored artificial small leaf plant comes in the fusion of red, yellow, and orange. Hence, it is a suitable ornament for color-matching furniture style interiors. You can also pay attention to the textures, such as the leaves’ jagged edges.

White Edge Grass

This special small artificial potted plant looks more delicate with slender leaves and gives a real touch. This green fake plant will bring freshness for interiors, for example, desks, bookshelves, cabinets, etc.

Small Fake Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plant

Featuring large and broad leaves, this realistic tree is definite to spruce up interior environments. Pre-potted artificial fig plants are ideal for fulfilling the empty spaces with a simple but modest tone. Besides, these fake potted plants are waterproof to keep long-lasting for years to come.

No.3 Hanging Fake Plants in Pots

From the perspective of rainfall, Riyadh’s annual average precipitation, capital of Saudi Arabia, is 4.4 inches (Source: No matter where non-drought tolerant plants need enough water to keep green and alive. However, special circumstances call for special treatment. That’s to say, why not choose lifelike green indoor plants in daily life?

artificial potted hanging plant

Populus Euphratica Hanging

Together with the pot, the artificial hanging plant comes in the height of 110 cm, which extends the visual impact. Rest assured that Sunwing manufactures the leaves with 100% fresh new PE with non-toxic materials.

Fake Potted Hanging Grass Type

Apart from the easiness to keep fake hanging plants in pots, the leaves droop down but will never outgrow pots. The quality differentiates from others in the accurate textures and soft touch, not merely in colors.

Top-notch hanging fake potted plants with beautiful curves are full of drapes and present on green screen.

No.4 Ivy Artificial Plants in Pots

Artificial floor potted plants are the great medium-sized artificial greenery for houses, offices, reception areas, and commercial settings. These carefully designed ivy leaves stand safe and sound with sturdy natural-looking stems. Residents can place artificial leafy potted plants on the floor of any room to brighten the interior decoration.

floor faux plants in pots

Fake Potted Mallow Leaves

Unlike artificial plants on the market, Sunwing’s faux potted mallow plants have plenty of leaves. Due to the leading technology, these faux leaves are hyper-realistic in appearance. It is hard to tell whether they are fake or not observing and smelling.

Sweet Potato Leaves

The branches’ malleability helps to bring the outside greenery for the inside. The gradient foliage has visible textures, and in turn, enriches the colors of green plants.

Reticulated Ivy Leaves

As a kind of ivy leaves, the potted plant makes a statement for indoors and provides partial shade. Stand in 2.4ft; the artificial ivy plant can adjust to the strong sunlight through the window and cast shadows.

If you are worried about Saudi Arabia’s climate, then choose Sunwing’s UV treated artificial plants. Silk or plastic fake potted plants have natural textures and colors and become excellent low-maintenance gifts. You may be interested in getting a full catalog from:

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