Why Preserved Moss for Indoor Decoration?

People try to improve the surrounding environment with various decorations, and the use rate of indoor plants is getting higher and higher. When many people are still hesitating between real plants and artificial plant walls, some fashionable interior designers begin to add preserved moss to their designs.

What is Preserved Moss?

Reindeer moss is real, but it’s not living. This is due to the moss having been preserved by a process of heat treating and submersion in a mineral salt solution. After special treatment, this moss will be permanently prevented from further rot or drying. At the same time, it still retains the ability of the fresh moss to partially filter the air.

Unique Advantages

Indoor air cleaning: Although this moss has undergone root removal treatment, it still absorbs moisture and particles (including dust) from the air. If you own a moss wall indoor, you will get a natural and economical air purifier.

Environmentally friendly: Because it uses real moss, they are completely biodegradable, but they will never release pollen or spores when being using as a wall,which reducing a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Maintenance-free: Preserved moss does not need watering and sun exposure. Its original sap is replaced by a compound made of glycerin, which can maintain its natural color and texture without growing or wilting.

The Practical Application of Reindeer Moss

We have worked with many interior design studios. In their designs, the most common ones are moss walls and moss frames.

The color saturation of moss is very high, which is very suitable for the pattern design of the wall. The fluffy and soft texture can bring a good visual experience. When designing, you can add flowers, leaves and other elements on the moss wall,the integration of plants with the moss creates a great depth of texture and color and visually resembles live green walls.

In addition, moss frames are also a form of display of moss decoration. In a specific plane space, preserved moss and other elements are used to create decorative objects comparable to artworks. When you decorate the wall with a moss frame, it can instantly enhance your taste.

It should be noted that if you want to store moss for a long time, please avoid exposing it to strong direct sunlight.

Whether it is living moss or reindeer moss, they can all increase the beauty of the interior space, provide a restful view of nature inside, and add value to your brand or space.

Source from: https://www.plantsartificial.com/why-preserved-moss-for-indoor-decoration/

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