The Complete Introduction: Fake Plants On The Market

Fake plants include artificial flowers and trees, artificial hedges, and artificial grass. I will introduce two of them in this article: artificial flowers and trees, artificial grass, and provide you with the most comprehensive catalog of these two fake plants.

fake plants for decor

Generally, we will classify artificial plants from the following points.

Preserved plants and Artificial Plants according to materials

Preserved plants: It is a handicraft that treats natural plants through color retention and color fixation, special anti-corrosion, and anti-mildew processes. They don’t need water and soil, they are lifelike, tasteless, and will not attract insects, and they don’t need maintenance. Touching with your hands is also realistic, which is its advantage. In our country, the craftsmanship of fresh-keeping plants is still in its infancy and exploration stage, and there are still some deficiencies in craftsmanship.

preserved moss for decor

Artificial plants: Generally speaking, professionals simulate plant forms, creatively use plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastics, cement, foam, textiles, and other fake products, and produce fake plants with real plant forms through specific processes.

artificial plants indoor decor

Indoor artificial plants and outdoor artificial plants 

Indoor artificial plants: We can choose according to the rooms’ size when we want to place fake plants indoors. We can choose small artificial potted plants for study rooms, stairs, or windowsills; In contrast, we can select large artificial plants such as artificial potted trees or artificial moss in the living room, balcony, etc.

Outdoor artificial plants: When we want to do this project outdoors, our range of choices becomes larger. We can choose artificial potted plants, faux trees, or artificial fences for privacy.

artificial fence for privacy

The Advantages of fake plants 

  • Not affected by the season.

Any live plant will wither due to the season, but artificial plants do not have to worry about this problem at all. No matter how the seasons change, they will remain evergreen.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

Natural plants need time and energy to take care of regular watering and fertilization. Artificial plants only require us to clean the dust on the leaves from time to time, which is an excellent boon for people who are short of time.

  • safe and harmless

Professional faux plant manufacturers use new PE; they are UV resistant and pass the fire test. Therefore, it can be safely placed anywhere in the room without worrying about health effects or safety hazards.

Fake Flowers and Plants

Introduction: Artificial flowers and trees are designed and manufactured by technicians based on the perfect balance between art and high-efficiency digital technology to imitate the form of plants, using various environmentally friendly and harmless materials and unique methods.

Artificial Plant Wall

Whether to decorate indoors or outdoors, artificial plant walls are the most popular choice among artificial plants. We custom-designed artificial plant walls with plants, flowers, grass, ivy, boxwood, and draping plants. These faux plants are flexible and can easily cover walls or other surfaces. This incredibly large number of greenery can instantly transform the space. Please take a look at our catalog to get ideas, or discuss with our consultant how to implement your ideas into today’s green wall!

artificial plant wall outdoor

Artificial Flower

Artificial flowers can be used to beautify homes and can also be displayed in large hotels, exhibition halls, supermarkets, stations, and other public places. The most common is the wedding hand bouquet. We can bend the flower stems at will, and the flower leaf and petals can be curled and kneaded at will, but the material itself is intact. Please choose your favorite from our product catalog.

artificial flowerbouquet

Golden Trees

Artist Tom Price created a set of artistic installations for the gardens of the Great Court of Westminster Abbey in London. The main body is a tree with a span of 12 meters. This tree uses bronze and plastic forged, Unrestrained shuttle in the green hedge behind. It Shines golden light, creating a fairy-tale picture.

big artificial tree for decor

Artificial Grass

Introduction: It was born in the United States in the 1960s. It is a synthetic fiber that implanted imitates grass leaves on a woven base cloth, and the back is coated with a fixed coating to have natural grass movement. High-performance chemical products. The fake grass texture is clear and full of hand feeling. Because its shape is almost the same as the natural lawn effect, and the artificial grass cost is low, its application in a landscape is increasingly widespread. The leaves are made of high-performance flame-retardant and environmentally friendly materials, which have good corrosion resistance, and are resistant to aging, high temperature, UV, wind, and snow pressure.

Artificial Grass for Sports

Since most sports fields are outdoors and are exposed to a lot of friction every day, the standard for UV resistance and abrasion resistance of the sports grass will be very high. So the artificial grass is the first choice for many sports venues. It is realistic, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, good abrasion resistant, and easy to clean and save resources.

artificial grass for sports

Artificial Grass for Landscape

Studies have shown that people feel the most comfortable when the green vision rate reaches 25%. Whether from increasing urban green coverage or improving people’s life experience, landscape grass will be an indispensable part.

Highpoint Pop Up Park

Nowadays, shopping malls need to meet people’s shopping demands and are gradually transformed into community centers. Nowadays, consumers’ emphasis on health, ecology, and desire for a leisurely lifestyle make the combination of green landscape and commerce more and more critical. For shopping malls, the right green landscape design can better meet customers’ experience needs and extend the stay time. The Highpoint Pop Up Park captures this. Artificial grass adds a unique highlight to the site space, with custom-made seats and wooden fences on the turf. People can gather and stroll together, and children can bounce around, hide and run.

outdoor fake grass for play

Xian International Garden Show

This big imaginative hole may reach the other end of the world, where there is a completely unfamiliar culture and unknown geography. This hole is made of a thin concrete shell, covered with realistic fake grass, surrounded by a ring of glass railings, and trumpets are used simultaneously, which means that the sound from the other side of the world is transmitted to China through the horn.

artificial landscape grass outdoor

Maybe you have your ideas about the shape of artificial plants, welcome! We have a team of professional designers and provide customer order service, come and contact us to realize it.

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