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2022 is here!

Happy New Year!

Let’s have a DIY with artificial decorative plants in the new year. Green is a color associated with nature. Using green in closed offices can help increase the productivity and motivation of partners and reduce stress. Putting a few pots of green plants indoors can add elegance and warmth. Artificial plants can also play the same decorative effect and visual enjoyment compared with real plants. DIY-lovers even more favor fake plants due to convenience and diversity.

Our company plans to remodel our stairs with artificial decorative plants to welcome the new year. The platform landscape has finally been completed under the joint efforts of the domestic sales person in charge and the designer. Yeah! Everyone who passed by couldn’t help but praise it. How beautiful it is.

DIY with artificial decorative plants

Selection of Artificial Decorative Plants

This time, the synthetic plants we selected include artificial potted plants, foliage sprays, rhododendron roots, and moss turf. Other auxiliary materials are pearl cotton, pebbles, volcanic stone, and glue.

Process of DIY Artificial Decorative Plants Projects

First, clean the ground of the site and clean up the debris. Then we can start! To make the moss grass look more natural and stable and hold the sprays better, we first spread pearl cotton on the ground and then covered it with turf. The next step is to place the plants. Because artificial potted plants have different sizes, we can choose the right potted plants according to the place. Since there is a large electronic screen in the middle of the wall, we placed tall faux plants in pot on the sides, with small fake potted plants, foliage sprays, and rhododendron roots in the middle. The potted plants we chose for this DIY include artificial phoenix palm in pot, artificial monstera palm in pot, rubber tree, bird’s nest fern, etc. Finally, we scattered the cobblestones around the turf. Due to the large number of people walking around in our company, we fixed the stones with glue. If you want to look better, you can also use a fence on the side of the turf. That’s it. Do you think DIY with artificial decorative plants is simple and convenient?

More Choices of Artificial Decorative Plants

Decorating with fake plants does not need to consider factors such as seasons, sunlight, and water, so we can choose different kinds to match according to specific places and preferences. In addition to the faux potted plants we used in this decoration, artificial ficus tree in pot, artificial fiddle-leaf fig, artificial canna banana tree, artificial tiger piran tree, artificial topiary, etc., are all excellent artificial plants decoration. In addition to potted plants, there are also a variety of artificial flowers for you to choose from. If you think the walls are too monotonous and incompatible with these synthetic plants on the ground, you can also decorate them with artificial hedges, fake trailing plants, etc. Faux leaves hedges can also hide imperfections in the walls.

Start DIY Artificial Decorative Plants Journey 

Synthetic plants are a big blessing for greenery fans who live too busy a lifestyle to take care of a gorgeous, high-maintenance living plant regularly. Of course, the most important point of faux plants is that they can be customized. Are you interested in fake plants DIY now? The shortest answer is doing. Click here to choose your favorite artificial decorative plants.

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