Artificial Greenery Backdrop Trendings in 2022

If you ask me what is the popular home decoration trending in 2022? I must say artificial greenery backdrop. Various types, DIY, suitable for indoor & outdoor, free hands, all of these benefits make it definitely a popular home decoration. Want to know more about artificial plant backdrop? Now the following content may be useful to you.

Clever ideas for decorating with artificial greenery backdrop

As for house owners, artificial plants may be the most common decorations in the home since they have too many advantages compared to natural plants. Its evergreen nature means you don’t worry about any appearance troubles it will give you as an ornament.

  • Party
  • Fence Backdrops
  • Wedding Backdrops
  • Home & Garden

1. Party

Lights or balloons are essential for decorating a party. Since artificial plants are fireproofing, you can add those small items to them without worrying about hazards. Trust me, greenery backdrops with balloons are surely the best for adding breath to the party.

2. Fence Backdrops 

It seems a little difficult to get real plants to grow on a fence. Thanks to the grid panels behind the artificial plants, it is easy for us to attach them to fences with glues, zip ties or other tools. There are several types of artificial leaves fences we can choose from, for example, faux ivy privacy fence.

3. Wedding Backdrops

The trending for green wedding backdrops is fairly new but popular. For saving costs or convenience, more and more wedding event planners choose artificial greenery backdrops. They can be quickly built and disassembled within a short period. There are many decoration choices on these big backdrop walls. For example a boxwood wall with shelves-holders and a neon sign; a greenery wall and polaroids attached; a greenery wall dotted with small blooms, etc. Here are inspirations for greenery wedding backdrops. By the way, artificial topiary is also a good idea to be wedding backdrops since they can be cut into any shapes.

4. Home & Garden

A professional artificial plants manufacturer is very strict to the quality of products. They must be UV-resistant, fireproof, and realistic. So it is safe to put those greenery backdrop walls in our home for the baby shower, they won’t hurt our baby. Or put them in gardens since they won’t fade for a long time and can match nature plants well.

DIY Artificial Greenery Backdrop

How to create artificial leaf backdrop or DIY greenery wall backdrop? Is it difficult? Do I need spend any extra free time on the? Those are common questions we hear. Take it easy. Assembling a greenery backdrop couldn’t be easier. Choose one area or wall you want to place greenery backdrops on and measure the size that you want to cover. Ask for products catalog or contact us to find the most reasonable and satisfying products.

The tools you may use are staple guns, nails hooks, scissors and zip ties, etc. Apart from those green leaves, you can also add decorations like artificial flowers, wreaths, fake vines, etc. Anyone you like can add to them since those artificial items are not as fragile as real plants. So enjoy the fun of crafting.

Hanging Artificial Greenery Backdrop

Get rid of the constraints of space and the rigidity of square panels, hanging greenery backdrops can bring a different beauty to your decoration. From loose bunches to wreaths, and to vine-covered chandeliers, the hanging plant decorations will definitely make you feel like the space is larger.

1. Install a Trellis

Too many clusters may burden, it is better to use trellis. Plants are spread out through the grids, increasing the sense of breathing.

2. Stay Classic and Simple

Simplicity is beauty and classic never goes out of style. Even the simplest hanging plants among all products can bring bright and vivid senses to your home.

3. Hang A Greenery Chanselier

A warm feeling diffuses when natural greens collide with artificially bright colors. It seems like we are not in modern buildings totally, we can still touch the nature.

4. Use Full Branches

Sometimes we do not bother to cut those hanging greenery. These complete branches can be hung directly.

5. Brainstorming

For hanging plant backdrops, there are no scene restrictions, no plants restrictions, and no collection restrictions. Grass wall backdrops sound good. Show the combinations you want, and they will have unexpected results.


For artificial greenery backdrops, the above is far from enough. Maybe you already have ideas forming in your head right now. As a professional artificial plant manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience, from products to service, our aim is to provide the best for you. Contact us and feel free to tell us what you want or your problems.

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