Artificial Plants Wall Market Research Report In Europe

Artificial Plants Wall Market Research Report in Europe

This artificial plants wall market survey in Europe involves 118 artificial plant sellers in 8 countries (Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, France, Russia, Germany, Ireland), including 54 retailers, 27 design companies, and 30 artificial Plant manufacturers and suppliers, five home decoration industries, and two home hardware industries.

118 artificial plant sellers in 8 countries

For the analysis report of the European plant wall, we have made sufficient preparations in the early stage. Each country conducts a separate survey and analysis, and finally, the survey reports of eight European countries are aggregated and analyzed, and the data content below this blog is obtained.

In total, we surveyed 118 sellers of artificial plants in 8 countries. Below are some URLs of the manufacturers we surveyed: design company in Russia); retailer in Ireland); home decoration industry in Germany); etc.

analysis of artificial plant wall market in Europe

Mainstream Fence & Plant Wall Classification In Europe

According to the analysis report of hot-selling fence & plant walls in 8 countries, the mainstream fence & plant walls in Europe are:

1. Artificial boxwood fence
2. Large-leaf fence (the common leaf shape is: the middle of the leaf is wide and the ends are narrow, and the leaf edges on both sides are arc-shaped)
3. Fern hedges or grass mats (wavy grass filaments)
4. A simple style of plant wall (the combination of the fence bottoming with small leaves and the long bundle of leaves, etc.)

different types of artificial plants

Analysis Of Fence Preference In Europe

Top 3 Best-Selling Fences In Europe

N0.1 Artificial boxwood hedges

artificial boxwood panel

No.2 Large-leaf fence (The common leaf shape is: the middle of the leaf is wide and the ends are narrow, and the leaf edges on both sides are arc-shaped. Common leaves are: bay leaf)

fake bay leaf panel


No.3 Fern hedges or grass mats. Such products give a more lush appearance.

fern grass mat

In addition to the above styles, the report found that some adjustable wicker fences are also popular.

Similar Styles Of Sunwing:

various types of popular artificial panels

The price of fence products: about 20-100 US dollars.

Analysis Of Plant Wall Preference In Europe

The main color of plant wall products is dark green, and the styles are mainly simple fences, a large number of beams, and a small amount of fence plant walls. Among the survey of the artificial plants wall market, the best-selling TOP3 are:

No.1 Simple style fences are mainly: fern fences (small leaves) base and bundles (the bundles are mainly slender strips and yellow-green bundles); in addition, some will be equipped with bright colors, such as the red bundle to do embellishment.

simple fake mats

No.2 There are more bunches, a small amount of base for the fence, and the color is rich. Orange, chartreuse, burgundy pair the bunch with dark green.

multi-bundles of artificial hedges

No.3 Bryophytes with a fern handle, some areas with large leaves (monster leaves, etc.)

fake panels with fern bundles

Similar Styles Of Sunwing:

popular artificial hedge in Europe

Price of plant wall products: Generally speaking, the average price of artificial plants wall is around US$100-270 (Ireland, Germany, France, Spain); in the UK, Russia, Sweden, and Italy, the price can be as high as US$400-500.

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*The content of the above report comes from a sample survey and is for reference only.

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